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Tea Tree Essential Oil (Australia)

Tea Tree Essential Oil (Australia)

  • OVERVIEW: Tea Tree Essential Oil is known for skin issues such as acne, blemishes, scars etc. We source our Tea Tree Essential Oil directly from one of the biggest suppliers of Tea Tree in the world, based out of Australia. Each batch that we receive is tested for potency and purity in Australian labs with full traceability to the crop.


  • BENEFITS: Tea Tree Essential Oil works wonderfully well to minimize dandruff and itchy scalp when added to shampoos and hair oils


  • HOW TO USE: When using for facial skin (acne/scars/blemishes), use in 3-5% dilution (3ml in every 100ml of carrier oil like jojoba oil apricot oil, or any other oil of your choice). Dilution in coconut oil is not suggested for oily skin. 1-2 Drops in your night cream can be applied. Always perform a patch test of essential oils on your elbow before trying on any other body parts. Put a few drops in your washing machine's detergent tray and in your mopping water to keep infections away.


  • EXTRACTION METHOD: Steam Distillation; PLANT PART USED: Leaves; ORIGIN: Australia; COLOR: Clear; PERFUMERY NOTES: Middle to Top; FRAGRANCE: Camphorous, Spicy, Herbaceous

    This is a concentrated 100% pure essential oil and MUST NOT be ingested or consumed internally. Do not apply directly on skin. Always dilute in a carrier oil like coconut, jojoba, almond, apricot oil, creams or lotions. Keep Away for direct flame. Always dilute in water when using in tealight or electrical aroma diffusers. STORAGE: Some Essential Oils are photosensitive in nature, hence, store this product in a cool & dark place. Keep away from children.

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