Nature lovers and founders Harleen and Ankur set up ALL NATURALS in 2014 as a humble essential oils export business. Around the same time, interest in natural skincare & aromatherapy started to mushroom in India, and the duo resolved to offer high-quality Indian products to Indians before they got exported. Over the past six years, Team All Naturals has developed an extensive sourcing network sourcing pure, natural, and raw ingredients and supplying them to the skincare and gourmet foods industry. Fast forward to 2020, All Naturals has proudly become one of the most trusted retail brands stocking 100+ varieties of regular and exotic essential oils, hydrosols, carrier oils, rare edible herbs, clays, salts, and other natural DIY supplies on multiple online and offline platforms India. All Naturals ships worldwide and is also present in 10+ countries today and loved by customers globally.

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We don't like to pay commissions to aggregators and middlemen, we like to pass them to the producers, farmers, and cooperatives instead as much as possible. This also guarantees that we get consistent quality batch on batch. Though our production facilities are one of the best in the country, however, we take the onus to source most of the natural ingredients that go into our products (such as essential oils, carrier oils and herbs), and, send them to the manufacturing units only after our thorough in-house quality checks covering color, fragrance profile, rancidity, cleanliness etc. of each batch. This ensures our customers get the same product experience, quality, and aroma each time they buy from us.


We try to save animals whenever we can, in whatever capacity we can. We uphold the Vegan philosophy and abhor animal testing and advocate for increase in their protection. Making 100% vegan products is not as difficult as making vegan food daily. We are completely ok with not selling beeswax lip balms or goat milk soaps. There are plenty of nourishing ingredients in mother nature that can give amazing results in skin and haircare.


As much as we care for animals, we want to protect the environment and reduce non-biodegradable wastes as much as possible. We would have loved to go 100% biodegradable with our packaging, but, that's not practically possible with liquid soaps and shampoos. We hope to reach that point soon. For now, we have tried to minimize our plastic footprint as much as we could by taking some bold decisions at the start itself towards a long term zero-plastic vision:

  1. None of our shampoo/conditioner/toner bottles come with pumps. Simple plastic caps work for us, and, our customers. Only a few face/body mists go with mist pumps.

  2. Our soaps packaging is 100% plastic-free and biodegradable. No cling/shrink wrapping the soaps.

  3. All our face masks/scrubs come in beautiful recyclable glass jars that can be used for years.

  4. Seals on all our mono-cartons are made from paper.

  5. Zero use of bubble wrap/foam. We use uncolored unbleached paper for cushioning the products inside our e-commerce cartons.

  6. No rounding on label edges as that leads to plastic discarding of leftover. Our customers don't care about the aesthetics of the label, because, they love the product inside.

  7. Though paper is recyclable, but, a paper label with adhesive pasted on a cosmetic bottle is not recyclable, is rather harder to peel off than plastic/vinyl during the recycling process. Hence, we use vinyl labels on all our plastic & glass containers.

  8. We avoid plastic lamination of labels/boxes wherever possible.

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