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Cedarwood Virginia Essential Oil (USA)

Cedarwood Virginia Essential Oil (USA)

  • Though there are many varieties of Cedarwood, the three most popular are Himalayan, Virginian, and Atlas. And, here's the good news, All Naturals is now sourcing all three, proudly from the source, becoming the first Indian retail EO brand to do so.



  • The Virginian Cedarwood is the closest any oil can come close to the Indian Sandalwood. Not as pungent/bitter as its Himalayan cousin, with a subtle sweetness that will remind you of the times when we used to buy Indian Sandalwood souvenirs, with slight earthy notes, this oil is so addictive that you would want to use it in each of your perfumes if you were a perfumer, or candles, soaps, hair masks or your own synergy EO blends. In addition to being equally good for hair as the Himalayan or Atlas variety, this oil's aroma is extremely calming and grounding and will woo away those blues in a jiffy.



  • EXTRACTION METHOD: Steam Distillation; PLANT PART USED: Wood; ORIGIN: USA; COLOR: Light Golden Yellow


  • PERFUMERY NOTES: Base; FRAGRANCE: Woody, Sweet, Sandal-like, Rich

    This is a concentrated 100% pure essential oil and MUST NOT be ingested or consumed internally. Do not apply directly on skin. Always dilute in a carrier oil like coconut, jojoba, almond, apricot oil, creams or lotions. Keep Away for direct flame. Always dilute in water when using in tealight or electrical aroma diffusers. STORAGE: Some Essential Oils are photosensitive in nature, hence, store this product in a cool & dark place. Keep away from children.

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