Himalayan Pink Salt Shot Glass 50ml Set of 2

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Another unique product from All Naturals - A shot glass that can spike up any drink, not, just tequilas.

This unique shot glass is made from edible Himalayan Pink Salt (Sendha Namak). As soon as you fill it with a liquid, the salt starts to dissolve, making your drink salty in seconds. The longer you hold the drink, the saltier it gets. And, did you know, this is the healtheist salt on the planet, with 84 essential verified minerals.

It's not just for those tequila evenings. Use this glass to give a twist to your fresh lime soda/water, cocktails, juices, lassi or simply water

Package Contents

One shot glass, 50ml

Cleaning Instructions

Wash it under a thin stream of water to reduce it from getting dissolved quickly. Wipe with a dry cloth. Dry in the sun for maximum life.


Just like glass, this product is brittle and breakable. Do not throw it or hit it on a hard surface

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