100% Terracotta Clay Bottle with Food Grade Latex Cap

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Always loved the cold water from earthen clay pots (ghadaa/matka/suraayi) in your childhood. Can't carry the clay pots to your work. How about a clay water bottle that gives you the same sweet and earthy taste and is handy too?

Team All Naturals, in partnership with Livegreen India brings to you their flagship product - 100% natural water bottle made with the finest quality of uncoloured natural terracotta with a food grade latex cap. In addition to being 100% natural, the bottle performs two important functions that no conventional water purification system does not do

  1. Being porous to some extent, it  automatically filters the water, absolrbing the impurities
  2. It enhances the taste of water due to natural clay, making the water sweeter and mineral rich

Engineers from the USA have designed the leak proof food grade latex cap that ensures not a single drop comes out even if the bottle is held upside down for long!

Volume - 700 ml


Before using for the first time

  1. Wash the bottle and the cap thoroughly under running water (no detergent or soap required)
  2. Fill up the bottle to the brim and leave it for 2 days (48 hours)
  3. Empty the bottle, wash it once more with only water and the bottle is ready for use

For regular cleaning, wash the bottle every 2 weeks


Just like glass, terracotta or clay is brittle and is prone to breakage upon impact. Hence, it is important that you take care of the bottle and not throw it or hit it on a hard surface.

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