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Holy Lama Papaya Soap

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Papaya Soap by Holy Lama Naturals, Kerala

This variety is quickly climbing our ladder our ladder of bestsellers, due to its fresh fragrance, orange colour that resembles papaya pulp. Try one today.

About Holy Lama Soaps

100% Ayurvedic Soaps handmade by women in Kerala.

Each soap is wrapped in natural butter paper to retain fragrance, put in a patented palm leaf shell packing, and, then meticuously handstitched with jute thread. So, no trace of plastic anywhere in the soap.

Each soap weighs 100g

Made with a coconut oil base that removes dryness of skin and a blend of essential oils that make your skin soft, fragrant and nourished.

  • Eco-friendly, Natural and herbal
  • Leaves your skin silky smooth and naturally hydrated
  • Predominantly naturally-derived ingredients
  • Kind to all skin types
  • Free from animal fat SLS Parabens

Available in 12 uniquely developed fragrances from floral to fresh to medicinal that last for hours after your shower.

These soaps make bathing an experience to cherish everyday.

Tip: Use the palm leaf shell as a gift pack to put in stuff like keyrings, earrings, wedding rings etc. or simply prick some holes in it and use it like a soap dish.