All Naturals Rare Infusion Bath Salt - 100g

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Our most exotic bath salt yet, in a Collector's Edition bottle that it deserves.

Just 2 tsp in your bath tub or bath bucket changes your bathing experience, making you feel like a royal. It has been carefully curated with just the right amount of ingredients, keeping in mind their individual healing properties. The Rare Herbs Bath Salt contains Himalayan Pink Salt & Dead Sea Salt, Lavender flowers from Kashmir, Chamomile & Rhododendron flowers from Uttarakhand, and pure essential oils of Lavender, Peppermint, Orange, Geranium and Neroli.

The salts get absorbed very well by the body and rehydrate it, in addition to providing 60+ essential minerals, the lavender and chamomile flowers have calming and disinfecting properties, essential oils of lavender and geranium heal the skin and bring down your stress level, peppermint relieves headaches, Orange and Neroli increase your alertness. An overall package of luxury that will make you sleep better after that long tiring day.

Qty: 100g

Shelf Life - One Year

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