Know Us

The Journey and the Question

Though, we had always been close to nature, our real tryst with nature started a few years ago. While travelling widely across the world, we came across unique natural products we had either never heard of or had not been able to afford, while living here in India. On investigating the sources further, we found that “all roads did not lead to Rome anymore, they rather lead to India“. Mother Nature has blessed every inch of our beautiful country, India, so much so, that every Region has made its own mark on the world map.

And All Naturals Trading was born !

The Answer

We feel the answer is simple and yet complicated – Food is our number one priority which is why we discuss spices because we use them in our everyday cooking, but, not essential oils, because neither do we use them in our daily lives, nor did we learn about them at school. Same is the case with other natural and Ayurvedic products -We don't buy them until we experience them, simply because the stage for experiencing them is missing...

The Reason

Our research points to one single reason - Our demand is restricted by the supply and lack of awareness and not the other way round. We do not ask for Alphonso Mangoes because we don’t see them on grocery store shelves. Similarly, we do not ask our local grocery for Ayurvedic & natural products because we simply assume that they won't source it since the buyers of these products are less.

The awareness is missing somewhere, and our busy lives do not give us the time to explore and experience.

The Mission

We, at All Naturals have taken a pledge to explore nature on your behalf and bring to you the most unique and least known natural products from across India and the world at prices that make sense. Our motto is to “Educate and Sell“ and not just Sell.

The Inspiration

All Naturals is deeply inspired by the power of Mother Nature and strives to offer the best natural products in their purest possible form to our customers. Our product areas:

  • 100% Pure Essential Oils by All Naturals
  • Electrical & Tealight based Aroma diffusers
  1. Exclusive personal care products from the house Holy Lama Naturals, Kerala:
  2. Natural skin, hair, bath and body products
  3. Award winning Masala Drops
  4. Gourmet teas from Munnar Tea Gardens
  5. Wellness products including perfumed candles, incense, natural room fresheners & floor cleaners
  • Premium Olive Oils & Dates from the Middle East
  • Other authentic wellness & gourmet products from across India and the Globe

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